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Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman's girlfriend fired  shots at Chad's co-star actress Lupita N'yongo.

For months there have been rumors that Chadwick and Lupita are secretly romancing each other. The rumors started shortly after Chad and Lupita did the worldwide press tour for Black Panther.

And the public seems to love the idea of the two Black Panther stars being a Hollywood couple. If you do a quick search of Chad & Lupita on social media, you'll find dozens of fan pages showing pictures of how "great" the two look together.

Well now Chad's longtime girlfriend, the beautiful Simone Ledward has had enough - and is firing shots at Lupita.

Simone was on Lupita's page last night, and she "liked" a shady post towards the African actress. Look:


The post suggested that Chad would "never" date the lovely Lupita, because he already has a beautiful woman at home.

Boseman and his girlfriend are pretty low-key about their relationship. 

Back in February of last year during a Black Panther press run Chad asked an audience: “Are you trying to say we were dating?” the 41-year-old actor asked. While they’re not a couple in real life [Lupita and Chad], he said, “It’s not hard to fall in love with Lupita. She’s a beautiful person. She’s intelligent, strong, assertive. You fall in love with people when you see them in their light, when you see them doing what they do, and they illuminate a certain aura.”