Black Panther Chadwick Boseman Massive Weight Loss - Weighs 130 LBS!!


Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman lost a massive amount of weight in recent months, MTO News has learned. Some estimate that the Marvel actor may have lost as much as 50 pounds, and is now just 130 pounds.

Chadwick showed his new gaunt face and body on IG Live yesterday, see above video:

In the video, Chadwick celebrated the life of baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American player allowed to play major league baseball.

Chadwick also described a partnership with a company, to deliver medical protective equipment to health care workers across America.

But Chadwick's message was overshadowed by his new - extreme weight loss.

After the video leaked, fans of the Black Panther actor left messages worrying about his well being. Some speculated that the actor may suffer from an eating disorder. Others wondered whether the handsome actor may have a medical condition.

Here are some comments from Twitter:

Pray for this man seriously, he’s been looking like this for an entire year, this isn’t for a role and the industry is on pause so that excuse can’t be used anymore 

oh my god... clearly this man isn't well

Maybe he’s sick? Autoimmune disease?

I hope he's not sick.

I just pray he’s well.

Here's what he used to look like: