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Black Mom Has White Officer Boyfriend . . . ARREST HER CHILD . . . For 'FUN' Picture!!!


A Black woman is coming under fire, for posting pics of her White police officer boyfriend - arresting her 7 year old daughter. The images have gone viral, and Black people all over the world are outraged by the images.

But the mother, who is also a police officer, claims that the pic was just a "fun family" picture. You see, both she and her live-in boyfriend are police officers in Alabama. The couple is raising Officer Deonna's 7 year old daughter, and both claim that they have a happy and healthy relationship.

But folks online think that creating such an image is OUTRAGEOUS. Activists believe that it is inappropriate - especially in todays climate - with "joking" about White officers arresting Black people.

Here are images of the happy family:

Picture of the family

Picture of the mom - Alabama police officer Deonna McLeod