A 22-year-old Black woman died - she fell down a flight of stairs, trying to get her baby & stroller to the subway. The woman was forced to carry her stroller down the stairs - after people refused to help her.

Malaysia Goodson tried to carry her 1-year-old baby in a stroller down the subway stairs, after no one offered to help her. And she ended up dead.

According to the New York Times, "Like so many New York City parents, Ms. Goodson faced a familiar but perilous challenge: hauling her stroller and daughter down the steps of a station that, like most stops in the city’s creaking subway system, had no elevator."

As Ms. Goodson made her descent, she fell, tumbling down a flight of stairs and onto the subway platform at the Seventh Avenue station, at 53rd Street, officials said.

Malaysia tumbled down the stairs, but managed to cradle her baby during the fall. She was unconscious when officers arrived, but luckily her infant daughter was found conscious.

Doctors rushed Malaysia to the hospital - where she was pronounced dead. Her 1 year old daughter managed to come out of the fall with no injuries.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which oversees New York city subways, has pledged to double the pace of elevator installation over the next five years, saying that by 2025, riders with disabilities won’t have to go more than two stops to find an accessible station.