Black Millennial Girl Explains . . . What It's Like To Be A HOE IN JAPAN!!!

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A popular Youtuber named Morena just grew her fan base, by posting a video where she described what it's been like - living life as a HOE in Japan. The woman, who does not appear to be a s*x worker, has been sleeping with dozens of Japanese men - while living in the Asian country.

And now that she's had sufficient Japanese partners - she offered a "review" of her male partners. Or as Morena put it in her video, "I'm going to give you the rundown of every d*ck that I s*cked."

She claims Japanese men have "small d*cks." But the men make up for their small size with their crazy foreplay. Morena explained, "A lot of them are into weird sh*t. . . . I had a guy make out with my armpit and kneecaps. And a lot of Japanese men eat a$$."

But Morena's pretty freaky too. She admits to having relations with at least 20 Japaenes men in the last couple of months. And she also admits eating most of their booty's.

Here's the video. Warning she uses foul language:

Besides her THOTING ways, Morena has a bunch of videos about life in Japan, including what it's like to get your hair done at a salon there as a person of color (yikes) and also what it's like to eat Mexican food in Japan (apparently gross). 

Morena's YouTube description says she is a, "19 year old Afro-Latina studying politics in Japan for the next four years." She has already gained nearly 2,000 subscribers in her time there.