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Black Men Go Crazy Over 'Riverdale' Actress After 'Skinny Thick' Body Pics Leak!!

Do you know who Madelaine Petsch is? Well, you probably will in a couple of days. The red-headed actress is currently going viral on Instagram and Twitter, and MTO News has learned that her newest fan base consists of almost exclusively of Black men.


And she seems like an odd choice to have such an "urban" following.

Madeline is an actress and YouTuber who is best known for portraying Cheryl Blossom on The CW television series Riverdale and Marissa in F the Prom - two of the Whitest shows on television.

Buts recent pics taken by the paparazzi - showing Madelaine in a one-piece romper - has men all over social media marveling at her body, which is being called "skinny-thick."

Her body is garnering attention from Black and Latino men, who have the red-headed 25-year-old trending worldwide on Twitter.

Here are the images:


Petsch appeared in a national advertising campaign for Coca-Cola in 2014. In February 2016, she was cast as Cheryl Blossom in The CW's Riverdale, having been pinned for the role since late 2015 after meeting the casting director, who was at the time working on Legends of Tomorrow. The series began filming in September of that year and premiered on January 26, 2017. In March 2017, she joined the cast of the film Polaroid, which was released in 2019.

In April 2018, Petsch collaborated with sunglasses company Privé Revaux and released her own collection of sunglasses. Petsch has a YouTube channel, stating that the inspiration to start one was so fans could know the real her outside of acting.