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There's a very graphic viral video going around on social media - and the story behind the video is even more incredible than the video itself.

Here is the video - Warning it is VERY Graphic

A man who is described as a troll - got exposed in the most EPIC way ever. The troll, named Neil, reportedly made racist comments towards a Black man on social media.

Well, the Black man tracked down Neil - and found out that he had a girlfriend. According to reports circulating on social media, the Black man then contacted Neil's girlfriend - and sweet talked her into coming over to his apartment.

Then the brother had sexual relations with the woman - and Livestreamed it out to his fans. All with her apparent cooperation.

And the video is CRAZY.

Here is the video - Warning it is VERY Graphic

After the video leaked - Neil was surprisingly forgiving. He claims that he and his girlfriend talked about it and have decided to remain together. He also posted on Instagram that he "forgives her" for stepping out on him.

He then shared that the two still plan on getting married:


Here are pics of Neil and his GF:

Alternate link to pics of Neil and his GF: