Black Man Marries Blonde GF - In Middle Of Black Lives Matter Protest! (Pics)


An interracial couple decided to show racial unity during a Black Lives Matter protest - by getting married and did so in the middle of a Los Angeles demonstration.


MTO News learned that Lara Sanders and her boyfriend Sam Mekkonnen who are originally from Germany were staying in Los Angeles - when the protests broke out.

The two decided to get married on a "spontaneous" whim. The couple had been taking photos around Los Angeles and decided to show up and make a statement — a moment that was captured in a video by a protest attendee, Navin Watumull.

"It was like a magnet attracted us to go exactly there," says Sanders, 51, told People magazine. "We had been scared, but this was a moment to say love conquers all, there's no limit for love."

"For us to go to that protest, it was about hope, to spread hope," adds Mekonnen, 30. "As a biracial couple, of course, you stand in solidarity and we have an obligation. It's not about us or other people, it's so much bigger than that. It's a movement."