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Black Man Being 'FRAMED' For Shooting 2 LA Cops - By Racists & Alt-Right!!

A Black man from Compton California is fighting back, after members of the alt-right and people on social media are accusing him of being responsible for the shooting of two Los Angeles sheriffs.

One of the most prominent voices of the radical alt-right, Ian Miles Cheong, named a Black man from Compton as the police's "top suspect" in the shooting. Look at the post:


Ian named Darnell Hicks, a 33 year old man from Compton, as the alleged suspect.

That caused an avalanche of speculation - mostly from racists and white nationalists online - that Darnell was guilty of attempted murder.

But Darnell is claiming that he had absolutely nothing to do with the cops shooting - and that he's being framed. The police seem to agree with Darnell. They posted on Twitter that he's NOT a suspect.

Darnell claims that he now feels like he's in danger. Law enforcement has leaked pictures of his car, along with his home address and fingerprints online.


 Here's a picture of Darnell: