Man Claims His Wife Was Nearly BEATEN TO DEATH . . . At A BLACK LIVES MATTER Protest!! (Racial Attack Or Hoax??)

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A disturbing new GoFundMe page was just created - hoping to raise money for a woman that was allegedly brutally beaten at a Black Lives Matter protest.

The man who created the page says that he's Black - and he wanted to take his White wife to a protest march. The man claims she was racially attacked there.

This sounds suspiciously like Donald Trump propaganda. We're certain that if a white lady was almost beaten to death at a Black Lives Matter rally, our alt-right loving president would have tweeted about it by now.

The man claims that his wife was targeted by "several African Americans" for being "Caucasian" and began stomping her in the head. What we're wondering is, where was he when all of this was going down? Did he just stand there and watch his wife take a beating from several strange men?

He is asking for money to cover her medical bills as well as physical therapy, but where is the proof of her injuries?

Take a read of the full story below. Do you believe this man stood by as several Black men stomped her into the ground, or is this man just looking for a payday and trying to scam people out of their coins?


Of course, people in the comments do not believe the story one bit: