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We've Got The COMPLETE Videos Of Louisiana Police MURDERING Alton Sterling . . . Those ANIMALS Killed Him In Cold Blood!!


Baton Rouge Police released police body camera and surveillance videos Friday (March 30) depicting the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot and killed by a Baton Rouge police officer in 2016.

The videos were part of a set of documents and recordings released by Baton Rouge Police after Chief Murphy Paul announced that the officer who fired the fatal shots, Blane Salamoni, had been fired. The other officer at the scene, who wrestled Sterling to the ground, Howie Lake II, was only suspended for three days.

Law enforcement officials decided NOT to charge either officer with a crime.

Sterling was killed on July 5, 2016, outside of the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge.

"There is disappointment; there is sadness, there is anger,"Chris Stewart - one of the lawyers representing Alton Sterling's 5 children said at a news conference. "It was clear that Blane Salamoni came out like a pitbull and immediately escalated the situation by putting a gun to this man's head, using profane language, threatening his life and he ended up taking his life."

 "The person who was out of control was Blane Salamoni. The person who stood by and let him be out of control was Howie Lake. That's a tragedy," a second lawyer for the family, Michael Adams added.