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Nafessa Williams attended Entertainment Weekly’s SAG Awards Party at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, CA. last night - but she had an issue with her dress.

The beautiful actress wore a very revealing dress - and unfortunately at one point the dress shifted - and became "too" revealing.

Here are the pics, showing her accident:


Nafeesa stars in Black Lighting - a show that centers around Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), a charismatic African-American man who hung up his super-suit back in 2005, in favour of working as the principal of a high school in South Central Los Angeles. 

Despite retiring all those years ago – at the behest of his wife (Christine Adams) – he's forced to become Black Lightning again when his community school starts being terrorised by a local gang.

Nafeesa plays Anissa - the lesbian daughter of Jefferson.

Last week, Williams spoke with PhillyVoice about the importance of breaking down barriers as well as how growing up in Philly helped mold her into the actress she is today.

Growing up in Philly shaped me to be all that I am today. I love the city, its hustle and bustle, the unique people. We have a swagger about us that’s really cool. I call it the "Philly Hustle," the ambition and drive that we’ve been instilled with. I’m grateful for the artists who came before me; they’re proof that anything is possible.

At times, it was challenging. Growing up in the inner city, I saw things that were challenging to overcome.