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'Black-ish' star Anthony Anderson has responded to Roseanne Barr's recent remarks about the #metoo movement.

TMZ caught up with the actor, who seemed to be more concerned about her mental health than anything else:

“I’ll say this… I don’t know what she said, I just heard about what she said,” Anderson told TMZ. “But what I heard.. some people need help.”

Barr appeared on the first episode of 'The Candace Owens Show' where she said:

“Well, it’s because they’re hoes. Like if you don’t run out of the room and go, ‘Excuse me you don’t do that to me,’ and leave, but you stayed around because you’re like, ‘Well I thought maybe he was going to give me a writing job,’ well, you aren’t nothing but a hoe.”

She added:

"They're pretending they didn't go to trade sexual favors for money," she said.

Barr also told Owens that she refers to Sen. Kamala Harris as "Kama Sutra Harris" because of her relationship with former San Francisco mayor and longtime California politician Willie Brown in the 1990s.

Barr also slammed several of her former costars, calling them ugly:

"When I went to bat for Sandra [Bernhard], Kathy [Griffin] and Sara [Gilbert] to get them on TV — because I gave them all their TV jobs… you know what people at the networks told me? Those girls are too ugly to go on TV," Barr told Owens. "And I said this is so incredibly sexist. Look at me, I’m no beauty. You can’t take talent, for a woman, and reduce it to their facial flaws. Are you sh*tting me?"