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BLACK INK FAKE?????? It's Starting To Look Like CEASE And DUTCHESS' Breakup . . . Was Just STAGED For The New Season . . . Of Their Reality Show!!

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Cease and Dutchess from the VH1 show Black Ink BROKE UP a few months ago in a very bitter and public fashion. But it is now starting to look like it was all just a BUNCH OF FAKERY.

Here's what we know: Cease and Dutchess were set to get married in mid-2017, when all of a sudden the two decided to split a few months ago. We had no reason to DOUBT that the breakup was fake, until last night.

Somehow Dutchess and Cease managed to BOTH be in Puerto Rico separately. And Cease was walking through San Juan with his NEW girlfriend, and he bumped into Dutchess. Oh, and Dutchess managed to SNAPCHAT it all.

It all just seems way too convenient. We wouldn't be surprised if the VH1 cameras weren't there also.

Here is the video:

Here is Cease's alleged new GF: