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The new season of VH1s hit series Black Ink is explosive. On the latest episode Sky and her son Dessalines get into an argument, and things quickly go from 0 to 100.

By all appearances, Dessalines and Sky don't have the best relationship. First off, the 19 year old was not raised by his mother. He was instead raised by Sky's relatives. Second, his mother is not known for being the most patient person. Rather, she is known for having a bad temper and a pretty reckless mouth.

But on the last episode, things got way out of control.

In the episode Dessalines went to Sky's apartment, to try and make up with his mother. It didn't work. Sky quickly accused him again of stealing from her and getting a random woman pregnant.

Then, she also physically attacked the teenager after a heated exchange of words. 

But things quickly went from bad to worse. Sky did the unthinkable. She started saying extremely hurtful things to her son like she should have “swallowed” him, or had an abortion. Afterwards Sky told the young man that she and his father never wanted him.

Obviously those words cut deep, and Dessalines was seen crying on camera.

Now, according to The Blast,  Sky has been suspended by producers of the show for the "incident that took place. Tattoo parlor owner Ceaser Emanuel said it "It spiraled out of control and people got hurt," per Distractify. One of the producers added that they "won't allow s--t to go down like this." Prior to Des entering Sky's home in the season's trailer for the premiere, he came into the situation thinking that everything would be all good. From that point, it looked like Sky didn't want anything to do with him.