Black Ink Crew's Sky has not has an easy time reuniting with her son's, but her recent comment on one of her son's Instagram pages earned her a vicious clapback!

Her eldest son, Genesis recently posted a picture of him and his younger brother, Des, in a post on his Instagram page, captioned:

"Ain’t no 1 on 1’s nigga he swing I hit ya...🤞🏾 #MBK #MyBruddasKeeper #FOE #FamilyOverEverything"

Sky then took it upon herself to tell them to "Go To School....." and Genesis clapped back in the most Savage of ways.


Sky has blocked her sons after they reportedly admitted that they only got close to her in the recent season of the VH1 show to get a check.

When her sons first appeared on the show, Des seemed to be happy to reunite with his biological mother, whereas Genesis tried to fight her and had to be restrained. 

Sky gave the boys up for adoption when they were young, and did not try to reconnect until she blew up on the show. It has been a focal storyline for her, and her sons appear to resent her for it.

Are they wrong?