'Black Ink Crew's Ceaser: Dutchess Was The Most Defining Loss Of My Life!!

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Black Ink Crew boss Ceaser Emanuel and Dutchess split years ago -- but in a recent interview, Ceaser revealed that his split from Dutchess was his greatest loss to date.

"My most defining loss of my life -- damn. You know the funny thing is I never really thought about that until you really said that sh*t. But my most defining loss of my life I have to say was is when I lost my fiancee. Because you know, it's not the fact that, you know what I mean, me and her split and all that sh*t. It was the fact that, knowing when you had somebody who like -- Jim knows, we from the hood. There's a lot of things we didn't grow up knowing like logistics of business and sh*t like that,' he said on the Rare Knomads Podcast.

He continued, "So when she left, I had to start second-guessing everything because I didn't know business. I had two shops at the time. And I'm just still trying to figure it out. But that loss made me who I am right now because I was forced to figure it out. I didn't have to rely on someone like, 'Yo, could you do this for me? Could you do this for me so I could succeed?'"