A woman is claiming that Phor from Black Ink Chicago was dating her friend - who is a transgender.

The woman who made the explosive allegations is named Tiffany Bankz, and she appeared on last night's episode of Black Ink Chicago. But many of her scenes were edited out by producers.

A few months ago, an explicit video of Black Ink Chicago's Phor leaked - and it caused him and his girlfriend on the show Nikki to break up. Nikki eventually left the show. 

But Phor's video was "different" because in it, he specifically focused on his booty, leading some to suspect that he may have some gay or bis*xual tendencies.

Well VH1 flew out the girl that he was messing with and her best friend.

Before the show aired, Tiffany (one of the girls) went on social media, and promoted the show and her appearance on it:


After she realized that many of her scenes were removed from the show, Tiffany decided to spill the tea on what she says happened.

Tiffany claims that their scenes were cut because she claims that her friend, who she says was Phor's mistress, is transgender.

Look at what she said: 


According to Tiffany, Phor begged VH1 to edit out the part about Phor allegedly messing around with a t-girl.

Here are pics of the girl that Phor was allegedly messing with - from back in High school. She was definitely female at that time: