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Black Ink Chicago Castmember BADLY INJURED . . . In Freak Male STRIPPER ACCIDENT!! (Video)


MTO News learned that Jen Jen form the show Black Ink Chicago was rushed to the hospital - after being involved in what is being described as a "stripper accident." Jen Jen was inside a male strip club while filming a scene - when all hell broke loose.

It all started when Jen tipped one of the dancers - and asked for a dance. The male dancer held onto a hanging ait duct and tried to pull himself up - when the duct broke. MTO News learned that the duct and the supporting structure came DOWN on a group of women - including Jen.

MTO News also confirmed that Jen was RUSHED OUT OF THE SCENE in a stretcher - and was sent directly to the emergency room. She's now in stable condition.

Here is the video of the incident: