Black Ink Chicago CAST MEMBER . . . Caught His GIRLFRIEND . . . Cheating With An NFL PLAYER!!!

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Van from the hit VH1 series Chicago Black Ink caught his girlfriend cheating. One of his boys caught her out on a date with a man that we hear plays for the Chicago Bears.

And his GF Jen was being real OBVIOUS with her cheating. She was getting GROPED by the baller - in front of a crowd of people.

Van's relationship with Jen on the show has been very confusing. At first, he was reluctant to commit to her and even asked for a threesome. Jen was happy to oblige and brought a male candidate for Van to consider, and he realized he really wasn't about that life.

Then, after 8 years of dating, Jen expressed her desire to get married. Van wasn't interested in getting hitched, so she invited a male friend out, and that ended in disaster - which quickly turned physical.

From an outsider looking in, it seems as though Jen desperately wants Van to commit to her 100% - but he just isn't ready. So Jen really needs to move on, and it looks like that's exactly what she is doing.

Van's finally off parole and judging from the comments, his DM's are 'bout to be lit!