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'Black In Crew's Miss Kitty Wants To Be Left Out Of Ryan Henry's Drama

Black Ink Crew star Miss Kitty says she is being dragged into Ryan Henry's latest cheating scandal -- but she wants no parts of it.

"For the love of God can you all PLEASE stop putting my name in a situation that has absolutely NOTHING to do with me? Thank you," she tweeted.

Ryan's best friend stunned the internet when he accused the tattoo pro of sleeping with his baby mama. Initially Ryan was silent when the accusation was made, then confessed publicly. He admitted to sleeping with the woman and says he knows he hurt and embarrassed a lot of people with his actions.

"I hurt people that I care about badly," Ryan said during the live. "I disrespected myself and my family." He also said that he made toxic choices when he was in a dark place when it happened but he did say that he apologized to his best friend Anthony about the incident.