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'Black In Crew' Star Ryan Henry Blasts VH1 Over Editing

Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry has issues with the production team over at VH1, and hopped on Twitter to air his grievances.

He accuses them of fabricating stories.

"When I didnt start a relationship with kit or super play her out as I was requested to, the narrative of not my producers, but the Post Production team at big fish was 2 "if u won't do it our way we will edit & make it our story" so no matter who I rode for, they told THEIR story," he shared.

"When they got the final cut of the finale episode, Producers were literally heard saying "oh sh*t they f*cked Ryan, nobody answer his calls when this airs" the day before it aired. It was fully twisted from what myself, Rachel, and Kit filmed and provided. Skillfully edited tho," he continued.

Ryan maintains that he and baby mama Rachel have not been together for two years -- but viewers would not know that from the way the show has been edited.

Ryan is one of many reality television stars who have put their network production teams on blast.