BLACK GIRL: I Developed An Eating Disorder . . Trying To Date ITALIAN Men!!

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A popular Black Youtube star has gone viral - after disclosing that she developed an EATING DISORDER . . . . while trying to attract Italian men.

The Youtuber is a Black woman who ONLY dates White men. She moved to Italy to experience the CULTURE . . . and because she loves Italian men.

After moving there, she developed an eating disorder. Before leaving the United States to Italy, she never had any body issues.

Here is some Cliffnotes from the video:

0:59 in American culture the standard of beauty leans more towards being curvy, so she never felt the pressure to be skinny.

2:46 when she got to Italy the beauty standard was tall and skinny.

4:11 in Italy all of her friends were restricting their calories and dieting. In university many of the girls were tall and slender.

5:12 Since all her friend were dieting, she started doing it too, heavily restricting her calories. 

5:57 Because she didn't want to be seen as the fat American girl her diet became more extreme, but now looking back she never actually lost and real weight, she mostly stayed the same.

6:56 Eating disorders are huge in Italy but no one talks about it. anorexia is the number 2 killer of young people in Italy, after car accidents. around 3 million people in Italy have eating disorders. 2 million are young people.

8:57 She stopped restricting once she found new friends, a 9 to 5, and spent more time around her boyfriend who loves cooking and accepts her how she is.

10:19 She decided to stop worrying about what Italians think is beautiful.