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Black Female 'MASS SHOOTER' Sprays Walmart w/ BULLETS! (Graphic Video)

For the first time in our nations history, there appears to be a Black female mass shooter. The shooter allegedly pulled a gun, after getting into a fight with other girls - and indiscriminately let off at least 50 shots


And as a result, MTO News confirmed that an 18-year-old man was killed and another has serious brain damage.

The incident popped off inside a Walmart parking lot at around around 12:50 a.m. when a group of women got into a fight. MTO News confirm that Walmart closed at 11 PM, so it's not clear whey people were in the parking lot.

The fight was captured on video and there appeared to be dozens of women fighting - and hundreds of blows were thrown.

Here's video of the fight:

Then, according to local reports, one of the women went to her car and retrieved an automatic weapon and began shooting.

MTO News confirmed that a melee ensued, and four people were shot and dozens more injured. All of the victims were taken to Rochester General Hospital by private vehicles, and one man was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police say nearly 50 gunshots were fired, and one man was killed. Another victim - Manuel Rivera - was caught in the crossfire: shot behind the ear and suffering severe brain trauma. Both of these victims appeared to be innocent bystanders - and not involved in the fight.

So far police have not been able to identify the female mass shooter. They are asking anyone with information on the shooter, to contact authorities.