Black Chyna's Booty 'DISLODGED' . . . Trying To Do Internet Dance Challenge!! (OUCH)

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Black Chyna suffered an unspecified BUTT injury, MTO News has learned. According to online reports, Chyna went to the hospital this past weekend - after trying to new "Zoom" challenge.

The reports suggest that Chyna's butt implants somehow dislodged" while she did the ZOOM challenge. To do the "Zoom" challenge, a person is dragged on the floor - with their butt sliding across the ground.

Well Chyna's butt has a lot of foreign material in it . . . and something happened. As you can see in the below video, Chyna's butt was damaged during the challenge. The implant was stretched and pulled - and it may have even POPPED.

Chyna has been open about getting illegal butt surgery when she was younger. There were reports that she planned on having all the illegal substances removed from her butt.

Ever since the 29-year-old (real name: Angela Renée White) first burst onto the scene, she's gotten a lot of attention over her alleged butt implants. Just recently, during a hosting gig at Ace of Diamonds strip club in LA on July 17, Rob Kardashian's ex sparked even more plastic surgery rumors thanks to her larger-than-life badonkadonk.

To make matters worse, plastic surgeons don't believe she's all natural either. Dr. Peter Capizzi, who has not treated Chyna, said she has what appears to be a "gluteal enhancement," or in other words, "large volume fat grafting."

Hopefully Chyna can hit up her local surgeon and get her rear end repaired.