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A Black couple - Otis and Rachel Bevel - recently revealed that they have $718,000 in combined student loan debt and that revelation is so baffling, that it has the couple going viral.

So how did they come to that astronomical amount of just student loan debt? Well its complicated.

Here's how Rachel's debt was accumulated:

"Attending Miami was the best decision. Not only was the majority of my tuition covered with scholarships, but the campus was beautiful. I graduated in 2012 with $23,025.88 in student loans."

 I later enrolled in school for my master’s degree to fill an emotional void. A decision that cost me $64,595.44

Here's how Otis' debt was accrued:

Otis accumulated $80,000 in undergraduate debt

Otis [initially] gave up on being a dentist, and he earned an MBA in health administration for a whopping $101,000. 

That adds up to a combined $268,621.32 in student loan debt.

Well now it's ballooned out of control. Otis just began attending dental school, where he will take on an additional $449,000 in student loans.

So how do they plan on paying back their student loans?? Well they appear to be hoping that Bernie Sanders becomes president so they won't have to. 

Rachel explained in a Huffington post article, "You can imagine my excitement when presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced his plan to cancel all $1.6 trillion of student debts if elected."