Black College Student 'Accidentally' Gets Text From New Roommate . . . Called The 'N Word'

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There's a viral message going around- that relates to two college students at Georgia. A Black student reached out to meet her new roommate for next semester. The Black student, Nwamaka send her new roomie a friendly hello text message, then things went LEFT.

Nwamaka's roommate was a Southern University student athlete (swimming) named Courtney Schaefer. Courtney sent a text message that included a racial slur to Nwamaka.

It was clearly a mistake to send the message. But Courtney claimed that it was just a case of spell check malfunctioning.

People on social media who read the text message think that it's something else. They believe that Courtney may have been trying to send the text to her OTHER roommate - another White Southern University student.

The scandal has gone viral - with the text messages being shared MILLIONS of times.

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People on social media are offering their opinions on the situation...