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Blac Chyna's mother is hurting for cash, so she's turned to THIRST TRAPPING on social media.

Chyna's mom goes by the name Tokyo Toni, but her real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter. Shalana gave birth to Blac Chyna (AKA Angela Renée White) when she was just 17 years old, and the two have always had a complicated relationship.

Last year Chyna cut off Tokyo Toni financially - and Toni was forced to move back to Maryland, and ask fans for donations to help her pay her bills.

Well now it looks like Toni is trying to increase her donations. 

Yesterday the 48 year old grandmother posted an explicit video of herself twerking. She asked her followers to send "extra" money to her account if they liked the video.

And it appears that her fans definitely liked what they were seeing.

Here's the video - warning GRAPHIC


Back in December, Tokyo Toni took to social media to share with her followers and fans that she is now employed as a contractor for a delivery company.

Positively excited about her new gig, she gushed, "This is Tokyo Toni, and I'm on my grind. I'm a contractor for a delivery company and I love it. I love it. I love it."

According to Celebrity Insider, while many are excited to see Chyna's usually conflict-focused mother occupying her time productively, others are disappointed with her daughter, taking to her social media accounts to slam her for failing to properly support her mother.

"She looks clean, healthy, sober and making her own money keep that good vibe Tony [sic] and stay away of negative the rest will come by its own," one commenter wrote.