Black Chyna's Mother Is TWERKING FOR DOLLARS . . . On Social Media!! (Video)

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Blac Chyna cut off her mother Tokyo Toni a few months ago - leaving her with few financial options.

So Toni - who was a teen mother when she had Chyna - decided to do the one thing that she knew how to do . . . TWERK.

Chyna's mom now hosts a private social media group - where fans pay money to join. And once you're inside, you get to see Toni TWERK.

Toni was an exotic dancer for nearly 20 years, and so she relied on the skills she honed during her two decade career.

And so far it appears to be working. By our count, Toni—who lives in the Washington, D.C. area— has already made many THOUSANDS of dollars in the few weeks that her private group has been up

Here is a sample video of what she does.

Of course, things get a lot MOE risque for the paying customers who subsrcribe.


Earlier this year when the Kardashians were all pregnant, Tokyo went on the attack of the famous family in defense of her daughter, Chyna. She said:

“Why do all that when you just had Dream? We all just had Dream! But Dream is the only Kardashian so I guess that the families would probably want a baby in their family too.”

Tokyo has always been willing to go to bat for her baby girl. During Chyna’s engagement to Rob Kardashian, Tokyo posted a vicious rant about the Kardashians saying they would never get an invite to the wedding. “All these reality hoes are ’Boxed or botched’. Bonus—You not even going to be invited! I didn’t see the invitation! … NO b*tch will ever plan my daughters wedding but ’Me’ or her!”