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Black Chyna's MOTHER Comes Out As GAY . . . Video Of Her Kissing New STUD Girlfriend!!


Black Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni is gay - and she recently came out the closet on social media. Toni took to social media to make the announcement - and show off her new bae.

Tokyo told fans, "Yes a b*tch is gay." as she showed them a video of her kissing a woman. Tokyo explained that that stud that she was kissing is her new bae. Tokyo seemed very happy with er new relationship.

Chyna's mom has been spilling all of her tea in recent weeks. Last week, she told fans that she was "raped" at 16 years old by Chyna's father - and that's how her reality star daughter was conceived.

Here is the video:

In other Tokyo Toni news, according to reports. . .

Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni haven't gotten along or spoken in a long time, and Toni has gone on a seemingly endless social media rampage in order to try and force her daughter to let her see her two grandkids (Chyna's children with Rob Kardashian and rapper Tyga, respectively). Toni called Chyna a "demon child," called her conception a mistake (and much worse) and recently even faked a major accident to get attention.

Toni also made a public plea to Chyna's friend Amber Rose for help, but that seems to have backfired as well.

"We're all family," Amber told Us Weekly. "She’s literally like my sister. I feel like we’re both really misunderstood. I feel like she’s probably more misunderstood than I am. But she has a great spirit, she’s a good person, she’s a loving mother and she’s my best friend. I feel like she’s probably the only other person in this entire world that will fully understand my life because she lives the same exact life as I do… She’s probably the only person that I can actually talk to that would understand anything.”