Black Chyna's MOM Tells Her: 'Do You Know How Many D**KS I Had To SUCK . . . So You Can EAT'

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Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni are fighting on social media, and Chyna;s mom is telling all the family secrets.

The two women began feuding months ago, when Chyna CUT OFF her mother financially, and reportedly stopped allowing Toni to see her grandchildren.

According to Chyna, she does not like her mom's erratic behavior, and feels that her mom was becoming a financial drain on her family.

Chyna, a mother of two, with one more ALLEGEDLY on the way

From Toni's perspective - she's always been a free spirit - and she believes that she is owed for all the years of sacrifice that she made for Chyna.

And Toni was graphic in explaining what sacrifices she had to make. Toni told the world on social media:

Do you know how many d**ks I had to suck b*tch, so you can eat?

Do you know how many hoe strolls I had to go down b*tch, to make sure you were good for school.

This is the first time that Tokyo Toni admitted to being a prostitute. Accoridng to Toni, she did it so that she could take care of Chyna. Here is the full rant:


Tokyo Toni lives in Washington, D.C. and it seems that ever since Chyna cut her off she has been melting down. Just a few days ago MTO reported that Toni was working a sort of paid Instagram account where users give her money in exchange for twerk and other videos. Hopefully Chyna and her mother can work something out and she can get her mom some HELP.