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Black Chyna's officially a rapper - and she has a very similar flow to Cardi B. That's because, MTO News confirmed, Chyna hired Cardi B's main ghost writer.

Chyna just released her new song this weekend, and so far people seem to like it. The song is called Deserve (feat. Yo Gotti & Jeremih).

But one thing that people are commenting on, is the similarity between Chyna's rap flow - and Cardi B's. Well, a producer familiar with the project told MTO News, that Chyna specifically hired Cardi B's ghost writers.

The insider explained, "Chyna wasn't trying to recreate the wheel, she's following in [Cardi's] footsteps. She hired her ghostwriter, is working with some of the same producers, and is getting a lot of features from top artists."

Sounds like Chyna's following in the right footsteps. Cardi is one of the top selling female artists of 2018.

So far, the people seem to like Chyna's music. It was just released on Itunes this weekend.

Here is a link to the song:


Almost exactly a year ago Blac Chyna released her first rap song. Reports at the time said that:

Obtained by TMZ, a trap-infused beat can be heard on the track, which is currently nameless. Chyna’s looped vocals on the hook may hint at the title, though.

“Pop that p***y like a pistol, yeah,” she repeats in the snippet. TMZ reports that the song was recorded weeks ago and Chyna is only serving on the hook for it as far as they know. As previously reported, she’s also got a handful of hip-hop and R&B VIP influences and assists on her debut project, such as Yo Gotti and Tory Lanez