A 32 year old Black woman named Dominique Clayton was an outspoken defender of police officers accused of brutalizing and killing Black people. She was a devout follower of the controversial "Blue Lives Matter" doctrine.

Now prosecutors say that she was murdered, by a White police officer.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation arrested a four year veteran police officer named Matthew Kinne, after an investigation that began Sunday.

Jeff McCutchen, interim chief with the Oxford Police Department, said that early on in the investigation, it was found that Matthew may have been involved in a romantic relationship with the victim.

MBI was called in at that point, and McCutchen said the agency would ensure the investigation would be independent and unbiased.

While police believe that Officer Kinne is responsible for Dominique's death, he has not yet officially been charged with murder. And it's not clear that he ever will be.

Here are some social media posts that Dominique made when alive:


Here she is saying that an Officer should kick and beat a Black child: