Black Atlanta Pastor Says 'Don't Call My Daughter Black' . . . That's Offensive!!!

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There's some Facebook DRAMA brewing on social media. An Atlanta Pastor named Cornelius Lindsey is coming under fire - for refusing to classify his daughter as a :Black girl."

Cornelius is married to Heather Lindsey, an evangelist who founded a worldwide women’s ministry on being devoted to God, their bodies and etc. The couple gained social media attention because of their “love story” - the couple was celibate while dating and saved their first until their wedding day.

Pastor Corny pastors a church they founded together in ATL. As of now, Corny and Heather have been married for almost a decade and have two young children and another one on the way.

The majority of their followers are black women. And the majority of the church is Black women also.

Anyway Corny released a video on YouTube years ago about his deal breakers for finding a future spouse and they mostly talked about him preferring a woman with straight hair, not natural hair. In that video, Heather explained that she can’t wear her hair in certain styles because of her husband.

Heather is mixed and Corny is obviously black so that makes their children 75% black (just like Obama girls)

Recently, Someone asked him a question about his dealbreakers video and this is his response from a so called leader. He seemed OFFENDED that his daughter was referred to as a "Black girl."