Black Actress Says Boy Meets World Cast Was RACIST - Called Her 'Aunt Jemima'


An African American actress is blasting the cast of the popular 2000s kids show Boy Meets World, MTO News has learned.

According to the actress, she faced extreme racism from the entire cast of the show. And now the actress is speaking out about it - 20 years later.

Trina McGhee played the role of Angela Moore, Topaga's good friend, and Shawn Hunter's girlfriend on the show.

She claims that she was mistreated by other cast members and called racist slurs. The actress in her frustration took to Twitter to blast her former co-stars and let the world know about her experience on the show.

Trina told her Twitter followers that cast members called her "bitter" and "Aunt Jemima" while on set and her fans immediately took to social media, to express their outrage.

Here are her statements:


Angela's interracial relationship with Shawn was unusual for a major network television show at the time, especially one whose target demographic was teenagers. 

Trina once remarked that the typical reaction she received from young fans regarding the relationship was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, often inquiring as to when the characters might reconcile after a breakup. 

At the time, Trina expressed her personal wish that the relationship would serve as an example of color blindness for the world.

In 2015 the actress reprised the role in one episode for the sequel series Girl Meets World.