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ANOTHER ONE DOWN!!! Rapper Blac Youngsta Just Got ARRESTED . . . Charged With MULTIPLE MACHINE GUNS!!!


Another rapper has just been TAKEN DOWN by police - on gun charges.

MTO News learned that rapper Blac Youngsta was arrested yesterday after a "routine" traffic stop turned up multiple guns including machine guns. Police are claiming that Blac Youngsta, a convicted felon, was in "constructive possession" of the machine guns - and he was arrested.

Last year, the Memphis rapper turned himself into Charlotte police after being linked to a shooting targeting rival rapper Young Dolph. Fortunately, Dolph wasn't harmed at the time as the vehicle he was in was bulletproof, but the van which was used to carry out the shooting was rented out in Youngsta's name. His defense was that the van had been stolen prior to the shooting.

Following Lil Pump's arrest, Youngsta hopped onto social media to call b.s. on the arrest and then said "F*ck the police!." These days, the cops do not think twice about harassing young, black men. Especially those taunting them on social media.

Being caught with guns is not going to end well. Especially with the current noise about automatic guns being banned and Trump finally taking some sort of stance when it comes to gun crime.

This is a developing story . . .