Rapper YBN Almighty Jay was robbed yesterday in New York, and the assailants Livestreamed the beating and robbery on Instagram Live. YBN Almighty Jay is best known as Blac Chyna's 19 year old rapper ex-boyfriend.

The rapper was caught lacking in New York City, and the goons decided to beat the rapper, rob him, and embarrass him. They recorded their crimes against him, and Livestreamed them on Instagram.

Here's video of the incident:

YBN Almighty Jay seems to be minding his own business when someone on the other side of the street spots him out, screaming, "is that the YBN n***a? Take his chain!" After which, the video's narrator, consequently the group's ringleader too, starts talking about an alleged altercation that took place in an elevator sometime in the past.

While information concerning the incident remains sparse at the present moment, the footage shot by the aggressors is actually quite telling, if not incriminating on both sides.

The incident happened outside of a recording studio in Manhattan. The goons saw the 19 year old rapper, and like a pack of wolves decided to go after him.

YBN Almighty Jay was robbed of all his jewelry, and his money. He was also beaten to the face and head.

The 19 year old rapper was transported to the hospital, where he was treated and released last night.

No comment yet from Blac Chyna . . .