The legal battle between Rob Kardashian and his baby's mama Blac Chyna is heating up.

Earlier this month Rob Kardashian filed for primary custody of his daughter Dream. In the legal documents, Rob accuses Chyna of being an unfit mom.

And Rob now claims that he has witnesses - Chynas' old nannies. According to new legal docs filed by Rob, all of Blac Chyna's nannies have quit. And he intends to call them as witnesses at the trial

Here's how Radar Online explains the situation

In Rob’s most recent request, he explained that he is concerned for his daughter’s safety when she is being cared for by her mother. He said that at the time the judgement was entered in 2017, a professional nanny went back and forth between his home and Chyna’s home, with Dream. “The nanny told me that she was cursed out a lot by Petitioner (Chyna) and told me that Petitioner was drunk a lot, and the nanny was scared. Petitioner would not let the nanny stay there,” he wrote in the documents. Rob said that eventually, that nanny refused to work at Chyna’s house.

Rob added that about two months ago, all of the professional nannies who used to take care of Dream at Chyna’s house left. He also claimed that one nanny called him various times without Chyna’s knowledge asking if she could bring Dream to his house while Chyna sobered up.

“It is only now that I am able to provide the Court with evidence of what happens behind closed doors while Dream is with Petitioner. Dream has twice been in the arms of a nanny while Petitioner is attacking the nanny. Among other things, Petitioner has left Dream stuck in a room for hours while Petitioner (10-15 feet away) drinks and uses drugs with strangers she met on the internet. Petitioner has threatened people in the home with knives, threw things at people, left alcohol in Dream’s reach, and tried to burn the house down,” he continued in his request. “I am incredibly concerned about Dream’s safety while in Petitioner’s home and cannot stand by without trying to protect her. As soon as I had signed declarations from third parties, I made these requests in an emergency application on January 3, 2020. Unfortunately, those requests were denied.”