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Blac Chyna's mother, Tokyo Toni had landed a job as a contractor for a delivery service, and Chyna fans aren't happy.

In the video, Tokyo proudly shows off her new job. In the back of her vehicle, you can see several Walmart boxes. Tokyo appears to take great pride in her work but fans of Chyna are wondering why she just doesn't help her mama out?

One follower said: "I need to know what happened between her and her daughter because my mother would never be doing this if I had millions. I'm starting to think she abused her or neglected her on levels that required her to get cut off."

"All ima say is if I was out here spending money frivolously like blac chyna my mother would never have to work again PERIOD smh this generation just different," another added.

While another added: "I think Chyna should help her mom not full on support her tho so who cares if she gotta work , maybe she was abusing the privilege of not working 🤷🏽‍♀️ we don’t kno let’s mind our business and congratulate sis"

Maybe if this positivity and focus continue, Chyna and her mother can get close again. Tokyo is often bashing her daughter on social media and that is not going to help to foster a loving relationship.