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Yesterday, MTO reported that Blac Chyna had been accused of threatening her hair stylist with a knife, now surveillance footage of the fight has been released.

The hairdresser filed a police report, claiming Chyna threatened her with a knife when the stylist asked for payment but TMZ's sources say that Chyna denies pulling a knife, but claims that the hairdresser left in a huff and threw soda cans at Chyna's car.

According to the footage, it does appear that Chyna was telling the truth about the stylist throwing the cans, as we can see objects hitting Chyna's whip.

Chyna can be seen taking her shoes (or slippers) off, in a robe. There does not appear to be a knife, but Chyna looks as though she may have thrown her shoes at the woman.

Her stylist was clearly not entirely innocent as she could just have hopped in her ride and went home.