Blac Chyna Shows Off Her BODY . . . In A THONG . . . And The Booty Looks HIDEOUS!! (Like A Horror Movie)

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Blac Chyna has been getting all types of SURGERIES on her butt – to make it bigger.
Well, she appears to have gone too far. Look how CRAZY her body looks now…

It’s been an explosive year for the former video vixen. Two sex tapes being leaked and just last week, she was accused by Swae Lee’s girlfriend- Marliesia – of giving him head while he was in a relationship and allegedly, so was she.

Marliesia then took to the Gram to make a video mocking Blac Chyna’s huge and weird shaped booty – stuffing her leggings full of material and twerking to Bubba Sparxx’s “Ms. New Booty” record along with the caption:

“Maybe he’ll like me with an ass like this.”

Of course, fans weighed in:

“lmfaoo isn’t chyna with jay now so where did she have time to be with swae unless this is old sh*t that happened 🤷🏽‍♀️ and if its old swae’s gf knew and yet still tried to work sh*t out with him”

“Lmfaoooooo!!! @blacchyna I think she moving her ass better tho 💀”

“Ur a clown ass b*tch for this and sound desperate talking bout maybe he’ll like u clearly he don’t 🧐”

We think Blac Chyna has seriously overdone the surgery. No more. Her skinny legs wouldn’t be able to hold the sheer weight of it all.

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

Here is the third pic

Here is the fourth pic

Pics courtesy of Daily Mail.