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Blac Chyna OVERDID IT With Skin BLEACH . . . Face The Same Color . . . As Palms Of Her Hands!!


Blac Chyna has been accused of using skin bleach to lighten her sin complexion. The latest pics of Chyna show that the skin on her face has now gotten so light, that it's the same color as the palms of her hands.

And what's strange is that her face complexion doesn't seem to match the rest of her body. If you look closely around Chyna's wrists - the skin color there is much darker than her face.

Many onlookers believe that Chyna's unever skin complexion is the result of "skin bleaching procedures. There are a number of popular skin lightening procedures available to women these days. First, there are skin "bleach" topical creams - which strip the melanin from skin when the cream is applied.

More popular these days is INTRAVENOUS skin bleaching procedures. There, women get injected with a serum that works to lighten her skin color.

Doctors warn that there may be complications associated with skin bleaching treatments.

Besides skin bleaching, according to her former boyfriend Rob Kardashian Chyna has gotten A LOT of work done. . . 

"Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and she lies to everyone but no, I’m such a great husband that on our anniversary, I paid $100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could,” he wrote with a video of the 29-year-old being wheeled into surgery. “And then guess what she did after she was all healed when i was by her side the entire time?” She left me and my baby, which she had out of spite to get back at her other baby daddy. I can’t believe you would disrespect me like this.”