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Blac Chyna Ordered To Pay Former Landlord $58k!!

Black Chyna's legal battle with her former landlord may be coming to an end -- but sadly, Chyna has been ordered to cough up $58,000 rather than be awarded the $70,000 she was hoping for.

Chyna had claimed that landlord Michael Kremerman, owed her more than $20,000 from her security deposit and asked for $50,000, or twice the original $25,000 deposit.

Last year, Kremerman sued Chyna alleging that she skipped out on her lease five months early and failed to pay rent. He claimed Chyna owed $55,546 for the missing rent but subtracted her $25,000 deposit from the total; however, he added on $18,000 in damages.

"The judge reduced the amount to $58,400, but that did not change the fact that he denied Chyna the right to have her day in court against her former landlord," Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciani, told Page Six.

"The judge denied Chyna's claim that she used that money in part to pay for food, clothes, and shelter for her and her two young children," Ciani's statement continued.