Blac Chyna FLEXES HER BOOTY MUSCLES For The Camera . . . And It Looks . . . SCARY!!

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Blac Chyna's been working out TIRELESSLY in recent months - so she wanted to show the results. Look what all those SQUATS did for her glutes . . .

She posted the images to Instagram, but with the year she's had - Chyna is not allowing anybody to comment and let her know how she really feels.

She is also facing backlash after her mother hit social media to out Chyna for leaving her broke and destitute.

"I was laying here thinking; I have 14,000 people on my page. If you were rich, funky, stinking ass famous rich as f*ck. Where you can buy anything, you want. When you can get up and take a trip to Dubai—that rich, what would you do for your mother? If your mother was humble, worked HARD for her entire f*ckin' life. What would you guys do for your mom?! Would you set her up or would you put her up? Exactly what would you do?."

The comments were obviously meant for her daughter.

She also posted an image with the link to the XXL Freshman Class of 2018, where her boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay is up for the 10th spot. It's unlikely he will win. He is up against some serious heavy hitters including controversial rapper Tekashi 69, Detroit's Kash Doll and TDE's SiR.

Chyna seems to be focusing on fun in 2018. Which means more "photoshoots" nobody wants and smashing teenage boys.