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Blac Chyna is now admitting to bleaching her skin - and Rob's baby mama is selling skin bleaching cream.

Chyna's skin has been getting lighter and lighter in recent months, and some - including us - speculated that she may be bleaching her skin. Well it turns out she was. And Chyna's not hiding it anymore.

Chyna recently signed on to be the promoter of the skin lightening cream "Whitenicious. The cream claims that it uses "natural" chemicals to lighten the skin of Black people. The product also claim that it is completely safe.

Almost immediately, people online started calling Blac Chyna "White" Chyna. That term is now trending on social media.

She's going to be showing off the product -and her new skin - in Nigeria this weekend. Here's the flyer for the event:


In case you're wondering, THIS is what Chyna looked like before the skin bleaching:


Here's more of "White Chyna":

According to TMZ, the skin cream retails for $250 per jar, and the jar is studded with Swarovski crystals ... so ya know it's "fancy."

The cream is being marketed to men and women of all skin types. Blac Chyna's reps tell TMZ ... BC's been using Whitenicious dark spot corrector for a few years to deal with her hyperpigmentation.

We're told Chyna felt this was a good deal for her because a lot of women of color suffer from skin issues. True enough, however, skin lightening products have also come under fire from critics who think they feed into a European beauty standard ... aka "the lighter the better."