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SHOCK VIDEO: Blac Chyna's Mother Is STRIPPING FOR TIPS . . . On Instagram!!! (She Looks Pretty Good)


Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni has a new way of making money - twerking on camera - for tips.

She created a PRIVATE Instagram page that you have to PAY to get into. But once you're inside, it's LIT. Chyna's mom is in there doing all kinds of TWERKING and DANCING.

But we know that she does much worse on her social media pages. Just two weeks ago, Tokyo hopped onto her Facebook Live offering to give oral sex classes. She claimed “We’re going to show you how to eat p*ssy properly... And show you how to suck a d*ck properly.”

Some people were saying that perhaps she should have taught her daughter a few of her classes as she needs to up her head game.

We know Blac Chyna isn't hurting for cash. We think she needs to help her mama out to keep her mess off social media. Who wants their mama shaking their booty in a thong on social media and giving oral sex classes?

She does know how to shake it, but is it really neccessary? Chyna, cut your mom a check and help her get her life together. This is not cute. Not one bit!

Here is a sample video of Chyna's mama