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Blac Chyna LOST HER BOOTY . . . Had The Fat 'SURGICALLY SUCKED' . . . Out Of Her Cakes!!


Black Chyna was known for having a fresh mouth, a pretty face, and a very OVERSIZED BUTT. Now only two of the three are true. Yesterday Rob Kardashian's baby mama showed off her new body - after undergoing a surgical butt reduction.

According to folks close to Chyna, she's been having liposuction performed on her butt to giver her a more "natural" shape. And the changes to her body are nothing short of remarkable.

Chyna still has a big butt, but it looks a lot more natural. And it seems like a lot of her fans LIKE the changes that she made to her body. So far, most commenters (both male and female) are giving Chyna's new butt positive reviews.

Here's what her butt used to look like:


And here's what it looks like now:


According to reports, Chyna's disappearing booty has sparked concerns for her health, as presumably Chyna has had to remove her implants for a reason.

In recent years there's been a spate of exploding and leaking butt implants that can cause infection in the body, although Chyna hasn't suggested this is the case.

Instead, she looked pretty happy as she left Saks Fifth Avenue in LA flashing the peace sign and lugging a load of shopping bags into her private car before whizzing off.

Chyna is known for her love of plastic surgery, especially after ex Rob tweeted a slew of furious messages about the amount of money he'd shelled out for her body overhaul after she gave birth to their daughter Dream Kardashian.

"Man they f**ked up on her nipples. They used to be so cute," he wrote in a string of since-deleted tweets.

"This is the 100K surgery I paid for on or anniversary and I f**king other men in our bed where our baby lay the next month [sic]."