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Blac Chyna: Kris Jenner Called Me Ghetto!!

Blac Chyna has spoken out in agreement with some of Kanye West's epic rant this week -- she seems to concur that Kris Jenner is manipulative and says that Kris once called her "ghetto."

"Chyna of course wants her daughter Dream's 'Uncle Kanye' to get whatever help he needs," her attorney, Lynne Ciani, told BOSSIP in a statement. "However, Chyna does not want all of his recent statements regarding his mother-in-law summarily dismissed as 'crazy' as some people apparently would like to do."

Chyna has been tied up in legal proceedings with the Kardashians for years -- she blames them for the alleged bombing of her show.

The statement also reads, "Chyna has submitted evidence in her court case proving that Kris Jenner told a 'Rob & Chyna' executive producer that Chyna taking food from her own refrigerator at the time and moving it to her own home was 'ghetto,' -- Chyna also submitted evidence that Kris Jenner lied -- twice -- to the same executive producer that Chyna had 'beat the [expletive]' out of Rob's face. Chyna will prove at trial that Kris Jenner then used this false and defamatory lie to get Season 2 of 'Rob & Chyna' canceled."