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Blac Chyna and her former best friend Treasure got into it yesterday, on Chyna's new reality show. And Chyna may have got herself into trouble because of what her friend alleged.

Chyna and Treasure got into an argument about how much money Chyna gives to her friend.

But during the argument, Treasure snitches on Chyna - claiming that Chyna was funneling money to her friend as part of some sort of "embezzlement" scam.

Here's the video:

Chyna and Treasure have been friends for more than a decade - before Chyna's rise to fame. So it's sad to see how their friendship has ended - especially given how public their split has been.

Of course, Chyna denied Treasures claims that she was "embezzling" money but that's probably not enough to keep federal prosecutors away.

For Blac Chyna's sake - we really hope that  Treasure was just making all that mess up.