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Blac Chyna is not here for Rob Kardashian's claims that she should pay HIM child support as she earns more than him.

Sources told Hollywood Life that Chyna feels that Rob ‘should be ashamed’ for fighting to reduce his child support payments.

MTO reported yesterday that Rob wants to lower his child support payments as she is earning $60,000 a month to Rob's alleged $10,000.

Chyna hopped onto Instagram to respond to Rob's claim. “Work Hard , Play Harder !!! My sh*t !!! No Help !!!” she captioned a video of her luxury car collection on Nov. 13. “No Child Support !!! Stop the F***ing Lies !!!” 

“Chyna thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that Rob believes he’s one step ahead of her when it comes to child support for Dream,” the source told HWL. 

“Chyna is fed up with all the antics and just wants everything settled so she can move on with her life,” our source continues. “Chyna was fully aware that Rob would request a reduction in child support and thinks he should be ashamed for trying to skip out on paying what he rightfully owes to help raise their baby girl.”

They continued, “Chyna isn’t surprised Rob has gone to this length and knows his family is behind this scheme,. [...] Chyna knows what Kris [Jenner] is capable of, and that she has advised Rob to hide his assets in order to not provide proper financial support.” 

Rob is blaming his ex for his decrease income.

“I have not participated in the filming of any episodes since this summer when [Chyna] filed a request for a restraining order against me. Her request was widely publicized and I was scrutinized by the media.”